Feel like you have no control over your business? Your drivers?

Our real-time GPS-based vehicle management system boosts fleet efficiency, saves on fuel costs, and increases your bottom line, regardless of your business size.

Experience a new level of control

Serving Thousands of Business and Private Customers

A System that Simply Saves Your Business Money

At Tracer, we have one focus – saving your business money! But that's not all. We also enhance your level of control while optimizing and automating processes, resulting in reduced work hours and increased efficiency within your organization.

Immediate Return on Investment (ROI)

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Fuel Savings

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Operational Cost Reduction

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Increased Employee

WhatsApp Notifications

Pause and consider the reality: over time, we get immune to app notifications. But here's the breakthrough – we're tapping into WhatsApp, the app we're naturally tuned into. Our innovative system sends vital alerts directly to your WhatsApp. Why is this a breakthrough worth experiencing?

AI-Powered Automated Phone Center

Immediate phone call for critical events

Text-to-Speech – Instant personalized messages converted to voice! For example:

** Easily link the service to an outsourced call center staffed by professionals

BLE Sensors
DIY simple installation

Take control with Tracer's self-installable wireless sensors, ensuring your vehicles stay on the move while you effortlessly set up the system.

Tracer offers a realm of intelligent, wireless sensors designed for easy self-installation, with long-lasting battery life!

"I had this crazy problem with private rides on my tab, but damn, I never realized how bad it was!"

Aaron Goldstein - Infrastructure Contractor

״I reduced my fuel costs from $15,500 to $12,400 in one month. I fired problematic drivers. Thank you.״

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Experience the power of Tracer's cutting-edge tracking system. Whether you're a small startup or a large enterprise, our solutions are designed to drive success. Take the first step towards enhanced control and profitability.

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